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"I love to eat" in French is j'aime manger.

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ALL French people love to eat.

love in french is "amour".

love me is love me in french love is aimer though

in love in French is "amoureux de".

to love is translated 'aimer' in French

to eat is spelled 'manger' in French

"I eat...." is "Je mange...." in French.

To eat is translated 'manger' in French.

french people love to eat frog legs yes people love to eat frogs legs also horse snails and lots of other things.

I love it is "j'aime / j'aime ça" in French.

"and her love" is ".. et son amour" in French.

In French, to say I love you, you say:Je t'aime.

Love (noun) is "amour" in French. To love (verb) is "aimer".

French people eat healthy and they also eat a lot. For lunch they might have fish or chicken. For dessert they eat salads and fruits and much more. French people love to drink wine when they eat lunch. For the french people lunch is their biggest meal of the day but we say it is dinner.

I love to learn is 'j'aime apprendre' in French.

'Making love' in French is 'Faire l'amour'.

I love to sew is j'aime coudre in French.

I love (her/his name here) is " j'aime .... " in French.

The french word for love is " Amour", but if you're looking to say "I love you" in French it is "je t'aime".

"Eat in" is "Manger dans" in French.

A strawberry is 'une fraise' I love to eat strawberries. J'adore manger des fraises.

'love' in french is 'amour'

Actually, in French, you would say: I would love to studyFrench. (J'aimerais étudier le français.)If you prefer to say "I would love to take a French course" you could say "J'aimerais suivre un cours de français."

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