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I turned a certain age = cumplí una cierta edad.

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Q: How do you say I turned a certain age in Spanish?
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How do you say I turned in Spanish?

I turned = Giré

How do you say you have just turned in Spanish when talking about ages?

Recién cumplí los ____ (insert age here).

What is tengo anos?

"Tengo años" translates to "I am (a certain number of) years old" in English. It is a way of expressing one's age in Spanish.

How do you say certain in spanish?


How do you say age in spanish?


Know your child's weight or age in spanish?

how to say,you must know your child's weight or age in spanish.

How do you say 'Turn' in spanish?

giro (with an accent on the 'o') = turned (something) se volvio (also with an accent on the final 'o') = turned (into), became But there are many possibilities, depending on who/what turned whom/what, and even into what.

How do you say at the age of in spanish?

a la edad de

How do you say im dumb in spanish?

This is how you say I'm dumb in spanish : "Soy Tonto" Im doing Spanish as a GCSE so I'm certain it's that! Hope I Helped!

How do you say she is a age in spanish?

(Ella) tiene tal edad

How do you say ice age in spanish?

edad de hielo?

How do you say I turned in a paper on Friday in Spanish?

Yo entrege un papel el viernes