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"Monsieur le Président."

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Q: How do you say Mr President in french?
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How do U say mr in french?

The French translation of Mr is 'Monsieur'.

What does Nick Jonas pillow say?

It's engraved with Mr. President on the front. Mr. President

Who is an important leader in France?

mr Sarkosy is the French president.

Which president believed the country should be from ocean to ocean?

the if but your can bottom if so got is the fried tuck in the dump yes but is no you can say that Mr and Mrs french do not

How do you say mr fee in french?

Monsieur Fee.

How do you say mr egan in french?

"monsieur Egan"

How do you say thank you mr in French?

merci monsieur.

How do you say 'merry Christmas mr luke' in french?

Joyeux Noël Mr. Luke

How do you say completed mr. in french?

misour. pronounced miss- your

The pillow Nick Jonas got from his momwhat did it say?

Mr. President

Why did nick jonas' pillow say mr president?

wen he gets older hes going to be president

How do you say Good evening Mr Daniel in French?

bonsoir Monsieur Daniel.