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Q: How do you say Nate in Spanish?
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How do you say hello nate in German?

Hallo nate.

How do you say Nate in Hawaiian?

In Hawaiian, Nate would be translated as "Neika."

Where is say cheese in poptropica big nate?

say cheese is right by Saltty's in big nate

How do you say Nate is hot in french?

(hot as in temature) Nate is hot- Nate est chaud. (Hot as in cute) Nate est tres mignonne

How do you say sister n law in spanish?

Sister in law in Spanish is cunada.

How do you say hi i still in spanish?

How to say "hi" in spanish is Hola. How to say "bye" in spanish is Adios.

How do you say how do you say sister in spanish?

how do you say sister in spanish

Who is Mary Kates boyfriend?

Her boyfriend was a boy in 8th Grade called Jackson Beam but as she got older she liked Nate Lowman so I'll say her boyfriend is Nate Lowman. MARY-KATE'S BOYFRIEND IS NATE LOWMAN

How many pages are in Big Nate?

There are several books in the Big Nate series by Lincoln Pierce.Big Nate: In A Class By Himself has 224 pages.Big Nate: Welcome To My World has 176 pages.Big Nate On A Roll has 224 pages.Big Nate Goes For Broke has 224 pages.Big Nate: Say Goodbye to Dork City has 224 pages.Big Nate: From the Top has 224 pages.Big Nate and Friends has 224 pages.Big Nate: Great Minds Think Alike has 224 pages.Big Nate: Thunka Thunka Thunka has 224 pages.Big Nates' Greatest Hits has 376 pages.

How do you say Amir in spanish?

how to say Amer in Spanish

How do you say Sabrina in Spanish?

you say it in spanish as- sarina

How do you say Alamo in Spanish?

how do you say the alamo in spanish