How do you say Rachel in Ukrainian?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: How do you say Rachel in Ukrainian?
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How do you say Ukrainian in ukrainian?


How do you say where is it in Ukrainian?

You say " where is it" in Ukrainian like this "De vono?"

How do you say good in Ukrainian?

Good in Ukrainian is добри (dobry)!

How do you say ladies in Ukrainian?

To say "ladies" in Ukrainian, you would say "жінки" (zhinky).

How do you say king in Ukrainian?

King in Ukrainian would be король (korol').

How do you say grandmom in Ukrainian?

In Ukrainian, you would say "бабуся" (babusia) to refer to your grandmom.

How do you say my family is Ukrainian in Ukrainian language?

My family is Ukrainian: МОЯ РОДИНА - УКРАЇНСЬКА.Pronunciation: Moya rodyna - ukrayins'ka.

How do you say no in Ukrainian?

no problem

How do you say welcome to Ukrainian Banking in Ukrainian?

Here is a lot of cash to deposit.

How do you say Grandpa in Ukrainian?

In Ukrainian, "Grandpa" is "дідусь" pronounced as "didus."

How do you say Ukrainian in french?

In French, Ukrainian is "ukrainien."

How do you say Friend in Ukrainian How do you say Tiger in Ukrainian?

There are many words in Ukrainian for friend. These include: друг (dryh), приятель (priyatel'), and товариш (tovarish). The word for tiger is тигр (tyhr).