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Root of Jesse (from Isaiah 11:10) is שֹׁרֶשׁ יִשַׁי (pronounced shóresh yishái)

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Q: How do you say Root of Jesse in Hebrew?
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Hebrew is the root of what languages?

No languages descended from Hebrew. But you could say that Biblical Hebrew is the root of Modern Hebrew. Also, Yiddish and other Jewish languages such as Ladino, had a significant percentage of Hebrew.

How do i say root seekers in Hebrew?

root seekers = מחפשי שורשים (mechapsei shorashim)

When was Jesse Root born?

Jesse Root was born in 1736.

When did Jesse Root die?

Jesse Root died in 1822.

In the Bible what is meant by Root of Jesse in Isaiah 11?

The Root of Jesse is speaking of David, but scriptures go on to say "A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit". This refers to the lineage of Jesus through Jesse, then his son David.

What is the Hebrew root for come?

the root is ב.ו.א

What is the root of Khazier in Hebrew?

If you mean "chazir" (חזיר), the hebrew word for pig, the root is ח ז ר

Is there a Hebrew root name for tamiko?

No, but there is a native Hebrew root T.M.K. that sounds similar:ת.מ.ך = to support

What is the root word of the Hebrew word 'to care for'?

The three-consonant root of the Hebrew word for "to care for" is ט.פ.ל

What is the Hebrew root word of the word manifestations?

Hebrew doesn't have root words, but it has a system of root consonants. Most words have either a 3-consonant root or a 4-consonant root, called a shoresh. The Hebrew word for manifestations is הפגנות (hafganot) and the shoresh is פ.ג.נ

How do you spell Jesse in Hebrew?

Jesse (the male name) is the English translation of the Hebrew name Yishai, which possibly means 'gift'. He was the father of King David. Jessie is a traditionally a nickname for Jessica, which may be from the Hebrew name Isska, and a possible meaning is "G-d beholds".

What is the root in the Hebrew word ahava?

the root letters are alef, he, bet or א ה ב