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Sleep in the grave is spelt like - спать в могиле

Sounds like - spatʹ v mogile

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Q: How do you say Sleep in the grave in Russian?
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Sleep in Your Grave was created on 2005-06-28.

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спи спокойно! (spi spakoino!)

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Russians say спаситель (spasEEtyel',/EE/ as in "sleep") in the meaning of "A person who rescues you from harm or danger". "Ты - мой спаситель!" means exactly the same as "You are my saviour!"The word Спаситель in Russian means Saviour (Jesus Christ).

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Я танцевала на Ленина серьезную pronunciation:YA tantsevala na mogilu Lenina go to Google translate for more info from- a teen who looks Russian but is still researching family heritage to prove it

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