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el espanol es un idioma caliente (tilde, ~, over the 'n' in 'espanol')

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Q: How do you say Spanish is a hot language in English?
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How do you where hot in Kikuyu language?

To say "I am hot" in Kikuyu language, you would say, "ndahota."

How do you say in Spanish my language is English not Spanish?

You can say "Mi idioma es inglés, no español". Note that languages are not capitalized in Spanish.

How do you say English words in another language?

In Portuguese and Spanish the word English is ' Ingles'

How you say English in Spanish?

As in the language "inglés". As a person, "inglés or inglesa".

How do you say hot water in luhya language?

The English words "hot water" can be translated to 'Amatsi amanyifu' in African Luhya language.

How do you say I have spanish friends?

You do not specify a language so here goes:- "I have Spanish friends" - That is how you say it in English. And in Spanish: '(Yo) tengo amigos espanoles'

Is the English language older than the Spanish language?

No, the English language is not older than the Spanish language. Spanish, which evolved from Vulgar Latin, has roots that go back to the 9th century, while English, a Germanic language, developed around the 5th and 6th centuries.

How do you say aj in spanish?

How do you say aj in English? If you mean the name AJ, names don't change from language to language. But you can give yourself a new Spanish name which might be easier.

How do you say o in spanish?

It is pronounced the same as the o in the English language but held out longer.

Binibitin mu ko lagi how do you say that in english?

What language is that? It doesn't look Spanish.

How do you say mikah in Spanish?

The name Mikah is said the same in Spanish as it is in English. There is not a listed language which spells this name differently.

How to say English in Spanish?

You could say "inglés al español". Note that the names of languages in Spanish are not capitalized.