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Q: How do you say Spartan in acient greek?
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What is the greek origin for spartan?

The greek word for Spartan is "Σπαρτιάτης" (sparteeatees)

How is the word spartan written in greek writing?

The word spartan in greek is : σπαρτιάτης. I hope I helped.

What was cupid know as in acient greek?

Cupid's Greek counterpart was Eros.

Who is the acient greek god of the sea?

answer: Poseidon

What is the acient greek writing instrument?


How did acient Greeks create an acient Greek statue?

They took a block of marble and shaped it with a hammer and chisel.

Where did the word hexagon come from?

the acient greek gods

Does the word spartan come from a greek myth?

Spartan comes from the Greek ancient city of Sparta. It means ''fertilised land''.

What are the names of greek soldiers?

Greek soldiers were commonly known as hoplites in ancient Greece. These soldiers were heavily armed infantry soldiers who fought in a phalanx formation. Some well-known Greek warriors include Spartan warriors, known for their disciplined and fearless fighting style.

What acient greek temple was called the center of the world?


Were spartan males better off than greek males in ancient greek?

Sparta is in Greece, so they were technically Greek males as well as Spartan males- they are the same!

What acient Greek geographer influenced Arab mapmakers?

im am askin you