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Que habia antes de chat

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¿Nos conocíamos antes?

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Q: How do you say We had chat before in spanish?
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How do you say To chat in Spanish?

Believe it or not, the Spanish have now adopted the term "Chatear".

How do you say 'Do any girls want to chat' in Spanish?

Translates as: ¿Alguna niña quiere charlar?

What kind of music does Chat Cristiano make?

Chat Christiano does not produce music. It is a Spanish chat site for Christians. The phrase Chat Christiano means Christian Chat is Spanish. If this company did produce music, it would most likely be Spanish music.

How do you say 'don't you want to chat any more' in Spanish?

"¿No le gusta charlar nunca más?"

How do you say 'why are you never on chat' in Spanish?

¿Por qué nunca estás en chatear en la computadora?

What language does the chat at Univision use?

The chat at Univision typically uses Spanish since it is a Spanish-language network.

How do you say el chat in English?

The Chat

When ever I try to make your own clan chat on runescape I try to join it but every time it says that the clan doesnt exist why does it say that?

Before you join the chat, you have to go to clan setup then set chat prefix. Then you will be able to use clan chat.

What word do you say before the verb in spanish to say something doesnt happen?


How do you say I am bored because no one is on chat in Spanish?

Estoy aburrido porque no hay nadie en el chat.

How do you say how long before you get here in spanish?

A que hora llegas?

Are there any bin tycoon accounts on binweevils with chat 2013?

well know. and becase i say is becase before they give them out they do that.