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William is pronounced VEEL-yahm in Hebrew and it's spelled ויליאם

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Q: How do you say William in Hebrew?
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What is William in Hebrew son of Charles?

There is no Hebrew name for William. William comes from the Germanic words wil "will, desire" and helm "helmet, protection. There is no Hebrew name with this meaning.

How do you say hand in Hebrew?

You say 'Yalda' in Hebrew

How do you write William in Hebrew?


What is the Hebrew translation of the English name William?

The name "William" cannot be translated into Hebrew, but it can be written as וויליאם (pronounce veelyahm)

What has the author William H Saulez written?

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How do you say has in Hebrew?

Has in Hebrew is: YESH

What does Olivia mean in Hebrew?

The name Olivia was invented by William Shakespeare, and has no meaning in Hebrew.

How do you say ceiling in Hebrew?

"Tikra" (תקרה) is how you say ceiling in Hebrew.

What has the author William L Roy written?

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How do you write William and Denise in Hebrew?

וויליאם ודניס.

What has the author William Robertson written?

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How do you say Partner in Hebrew?

Shu'taf is partner in Hebrew