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How do you say Yo quiero fumar mota in English?

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2011-04-08 09:02:16

Yo quiero fumar is "I want to smoke" ,and mota is weed.actually,

its yo quiero fumo, not fumar...and mota really means dot, but it

is used as weed in spanish..

*I didn't want to erase the latter answer because it made me

laugh how incorrect this dude is and how sure of himself he seems.

YO QUIERO FUMAR = I WANT TO SMOKE as simple as that not "yo quiero

fumo" ??? I'm Mexican and if we know one thing, it is Ganjah. MOTA

= GANJAH = WEED however you like to call it, and by no means does

it comes close to mean "dot" ??? I hope the information was

helpful. Now propagate the spirit of Ganjah and be worthy of it my

friend. Peace


Adding more to the second answer---

(Yo quero fumo = I want I smoke)

If the person were to want smoke the word would be


The thing, "smoke" (fire makes smoke) is "humo".

The act of smoking (I like to smoke cigars) is "fumar".

So if the person were to say I want smoke, that would be "Yo

quiero humo", not yo quiero fumo.

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