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How do you say Yo quiero fumar mota in English?

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Yo quiero fumar is "I want to smoke" ,and mota is weed.actually, its yo quiero fumo, not fumar...and mota really means dot, but it is used as weed in spanish..

*I didn't want to erase the latter answer because it made me laugh how incorrect this dude is and how sure of himself he seems. YO QUIERO FUMAR = I WANT TO SMOKE as simple as that not "yo quiero fumo" ??? I'm Mexican and if we know one thing, it is Ganjah. MOTA = GANJAH = WEED however you like to call it, and by no means does it comes close to mean "dot" ??? I hope the information was helpful. Now propagate the spirit of Ganjah and be worthy of it my friend. Peace


Adding more to the second answer---

(Yo quero fumo = I want I smoke)

If the person were to want smoke the word would be different.

The thing, "smoke" (fire makes smoke) is "humo".

The act of smoking (I like to smoke cigars) is "fumar".

So if the person were to say I want smoke, that would be "Yo quiero humo", not yo quiero fumo.

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2021-01-19 00:19:53

its fumar not fumo

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Kathy Simpson
Answered 2020-10-23 20:50:44

I smoke marijuna

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What is the latin translation for weed?

Mota- weed(slang) Fumar-smoke Yo quiero Fumar I wanna smoke ....the easiest way to say it

How do you say smoke weed in Mexican?

fumar is to smoke. mota is pot. do you smoke pot would be fumas mota?

How do you say i want to smoke in spanish?

quiero fumar (kee-AIRaw fooMARR)

How do you say stop smoking in spanish?

cesa de fumar (informal) cese de fumar (formal)

How do you say quiero ir al parque y quiero jugar in English?

I want to go to the park and I want to play.

How do you say te quiero de verdad in English?

I really love you

What does quiero consarse tu mean in English?

I am going to assume you want to say "I want to marry you". That would be "Quiero casarme contigo".

How do you say hoy quiero ir al in English?

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How do you say don't quit in spanish?

no dejar de fumar

How do you say you love smoking in spanish?

Te encanta fumar.

What is something sweet you can say in spanish to a girl?

te quiero (Spanish) -> I love you (English)

How do you say smoking is injurious to health in spanish?

Fumar es perjudicial a la saludfumar hace daño / es dañino a / para la salud

What does Cรณmo decir que quiero ser libre mean in english?

How to say I want to be free.

How do you say quit smoking cigarettes in spanish?

dejar de fumar cigarrillos

What does te quiero mira lo que tengo para ti say in English?

I love you. Look what I have for you.

How do you say i don't want it on Spanish?

"No quiero" or "No lo quiero"

How do you say smoke marijuana everyday?

Translation: Fumar marihuana todos los días

How do you say sorry but can i have a smoke in spanish?

"disculpe, ¿me puede dar un cigarro/fumar?"

How do you say fat in Hindi?


How do you say te quiero con todo mi corazon hermana in English?

I love you with all my heart, sister.

How do you say I want to meet you in Spanish?

You can say "Me gustaría conocerte", "Quiero reunir contigo", "Quiero conocerte".

How do you say to smoke in Spanish?

fumar - look for translations with

How do you say outside to smoke in spanish?

Going outside to smoke - que VA afuera a fumar.

How do you say the king doesn't like to smoke in spanish?

al rey no le gusta fumar

How do you say the king doesnt like to smoke in spanish?

El rey no le gusta a fumar