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Q: How do you say add me in Italian?
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How do you say add in Italian?


What is 'Add me' when translated from English to Italian?

aggiungami-I have no idea how to say that you'll have to work that part out yourself

How do you make tomato Italian gravy?

what you do you add tomato to gravy and then add a bit off Italian cheese

What is 'Thanks for the Add' when translated from English to Italian?

"Thanks for the Add!" in English means Grazie per l'Add!in Italian.

How do you say under in Italian?

Sotto is how you say under in Italian.

How do you say fine dining in Italian?

"Ristoranti" is what we say it in Italian!!

How do you say in Italian in Italian?

in italiano

How do say you are learing itialian in Italian?

To say "I am learning Italian" in Italian, you would say "Sto imparando l'italiano."

How do you say encore in Italian?

Encore is Italian.

How do you say Italian marica in English?

Italian marita(italian)=Italian marries(english)

How do you say fake in Italian?

To say fake in Italian you say finto.

What is 'aggiungerai' when translated from Italian to English?

Aggiungerai in Italian means "You'll add" in English.