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kol ha'ahava sheli (כל האהבה שלי)

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ahava akhat (אהבה אחת)

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Q: How do you say all my love in Hebrew?
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How do you say 'love' in Hebrew?

The Hebrew word for "love" is "ahava," pronounced "a-ha-VAH."

How do you say ''love is here'' in hebrew?

ahava po (אהבה פה)

How can you say your love in Hebrew?

if you are male, your love = ahava shelkha if you are female, your love = ahava shelakh

How do you say 'my father's love' in Hebrew?

my father's love = ahavát aví (אהבת אבי)

How do you say a love that lasts In Hebrew?

A love that lasts = ahavá shenimshéchet (אהבה שנימשכת)

How do you say with Love in Hebrew?

beh-ah-hah-VAH (באהבה)

How do you say i love art in Hebrew?

אני אוהב אמנות

How do you say Love for our Neighbor in Hebrew?

ahavat re'enu אהבת רענו

How do you say a mothers love in Hebrew?

ahavat em (אהבת אם)

Say house of love in Hebrew?

ร—โ€˜ร—โ„ขร—ยช ร—ยฉร—ล“ ร—ยร—โ€ร—โ€˜ร—โ€

How do you say Loyal Love in Hebrew?

Loyal Love = ahava ne'eman

How do you say with the love of god in Ancient Hebrew?

Ge'eh -- Ani ohev otach ge'ah. This is how you would tell a woman -- I love and respect you. Mature love. If you were writing a letter, you would say: Robin ha'ykarah for Dear Robin.