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y la familia

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Q: How do you say and family in spanish?
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How can you say family in spanish?


How do you say we are family in Spanish?

To say the words 'we are family' in Spanish you say 'somos familia'. To say these words in Italian you say 'siamo una famiglia'.

How do you say family tree in Spanish?

Extended family in Spanish is familia extensa.

How do you say one big family in spanish?

Una familia grande is "one big family" in Spanish.

How do you say family in spanish?


How do you say my family in spanish?

Mi familia.

How do you say 'with my family' in Spanish?

You would say "Con mi familia".

How do you say i do not visit my family frequently in spanish?

'No visito a mi familia con frecuencia' is 'I do not visit my family frequently' in spanish.

How do you say typical family in Spanish?

familia típica

How do you say tall family in spanish?

familia alta

How do you say nuclear family in spanish?

familia nuclear

What are some translations for the word family?

in spanish you say familia