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Iti este interesant?

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Q: How do you say are you having fun in romanian?
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How do you say 'having fun' in Spanish?

Divertirse = to have fun. Me estoy divirtiendo = I'm having fun.

How do you say fun in Spanish?

The verb for "having fun" is divertir (to divert oneself).The noun is divertido.To say "it is fun" is "es divertido."To say "we are having fun" is "nos estamos divirtiendo" (we are diverting ourselves).Divertido!

How do you say Romanian in Romanian?

The Romanian language equivalent of Romanian is român.

How do you say thankyou in Romanian?

how do you say thank you in romanian

How do you say you in Romanian?

The Romanian language equivalent of you is tu.

How do you say bear in Romanian?

The Romanian equivalent is urs.

How do you say Milk in Romanian?

Lapte is milk in Romanian ;)

How do you say girl in Romanian?

The Romanian language equivalent is fată.

How do you say pink in Romanian?

The Romanian language for pink is roz.

How do you say blue in Romanian?

Albastru is blue in Romanian language.

Is it grammatically correct to say i am having fun?

Yes. Fun is a noun. well,having word is used in four different situations. a. having food b. having sex c. pragnant women can say i am having a baby. d. having fun has newly introduced. so that is grammatically correct. regards Emma watson

How do you say good in romanian?

The Romanian language equivalent of good is bun.