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Remate de medio campo

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Q: How do you say attacking midfield in spanish?
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What position does chamakh play?

Attacking midfield

Did modric play for zagreb?

Luka Modric plays in Centre Midfield or Attacking Midfield

What positon does ronaldinho play?

attacking midfield or supporting striker

Duties of a soccer player?

Goalkeeper Center-Backs -defense Wing-backs - defense Center field - Midfield Holding Midfield - Defensive mid Attacking Midfield - Attacking mid Left and Right Wing - Midfield Strikers - Forwards Defense - Defend Midfield - Assisting in Defense and Attack, Creating Opportunities, Passing the ball around Fowards - Scoring and Assisting goals.

What team does Mikel Arteta play for?

Mikel Amatriain Arteta (born 28 March 1982 in San Sebastián, Guipuscoa, Spain) is a professional Spanish/Basque footballer. He is an attacking midfield player, currently playing in the English Premiership for Everton

What spanish person plays midfield in soccer?

Mia Hamm plays midfield

What position does carlos teves play?

hes a forward but can play attacking midfield aswell

What are the playing positions found in soccer?

goalkeeper sweeper centre back right back left back right wing back left wing back defensive midfield central midfield attacking midfield right midfield left midfield right wing left wing centre forward striker

What positions are played by ronaldinho and lampard?

Ronaldinho can play as a forward as he does for Barcelona or can play on the right/left of midfield as he has done for Brazil. Frank Lampard plays an attacking central midfield position for Chelsea.

What does cam mean in football?

cam means center attacking midfield this is a position just infront of the center midfield which supports the attack

What are the positions on a soccer team?

Defense: Central Defenders//Sweepers Left/Right Fullbacks Stopper Midfield: Central Midfielders (sometimes one is attacking and the other is defending) Wingers Left/Right Midfield Attack: Forwards

What position is Robert pires?

Robert Pires is an attacking midfielder. His favoured position when with Arsenal was left midfield in a 4-4-2. He can also play on the right side or as a centre attacking midfielder/second striker.