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línea de asistencia

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Q: How do you say attendance line in Spanish?
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How do you say monitor attendance in Spanish?

One way to say it is, "vigilar la asistencia."

How do you say attendance?

Attendance - Asistencia

What is the Spanish word for attendance?


How do you say line in Spanish?

Linea de tiempo.

How you say line in Spanish?

Linea de tiempo.

What is the word in spanish how to say fault line?

You can say "Línea de falla".

How do you say time line in spanish?

Linea de tiempo.

How you say Mexico in spanish?

Mexico but with the line over the e

How do you say hot line in spanish?

If you mean "hotline" then the Spanish translation is "Direct Line" - Linia directa. If you mean a "hot Line" (warm wire) - Linea caliente

How do say picc line in spanish?

cateter central periferal insertado

How do you say I will be in attendance in French?


How do you say your attendance at this meeting would be a value added outcome in Spanish?

la asistencia a esta reunión sería un valor añadido resultados ...