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aunt/auntie: shangazi

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You can say "shangazi" in Swahili to refer to auntie or aunt.

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Q: How do you say auntie or aunt Swahili?
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How do you say 'aunt' in German?

eine Tante = Auntie meine Tante = My Auntie

How do you say shut up in Swahili?

Yamaza is how you say shut up in swahili. I asked my aunt, she speaks it.

How do say auntie in french?

an aunt is called une tante in French. Tatie would be the equivalent of auntie.

What is Aunt in Swahili?

Aunt in Swahili is "shangazi."

What is the difference between aunt and auntie?

Auntie would be the usual spelling of the familiar form of aunt.

How do you say aunt in Korean?

Older Women - 아줌마 - Ajumma (auntie) [Less Polite]

What is my aunt's niece to me?

Your sister's aunt (who is also your aunt) is the baby's great aunt. The baby is a great niece or great nephew of your sister's aunt.

Is your auntie fat?

I wouldn't say fat. A little chubby. My other Aunt is dead though.

How do you say aunty in German?

Tante is the translation of Aunty to German.

What is auntie in Welsh?

modryb (aunt)

What is the difference between an Aunt and Auntie?

There is no different, but just a term that some countries use to call their Aunt Sue, Auntie Sue. An Aunt is the sister of either your mother or father. In England they say 'mum' instead of 'mom' or 'mother' like we do in the Western part of the world. It's a play on words.

If your uncle's sister is not your aunt who is she?

If she,s you Uncle by marriage sister and then shes realted to you by marriage and she,s Aunt in law or some people say distant Aunt. But if you ever reference her or introducing her to someone you just say she,s my Auntie.