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You may say '[ginkou no] kouzabangou,' written in Japanese as: [銀行の]口座番号

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Q: How do you say bank number in Japanese?
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How do you say number nine in Japanese?


How do you say mother number two in Japanese?

nibanme no hahaoya

What is the number 8 translated from English to Japanese?

8 is八 (hachi) in Japanese. To say 'number 8' or 'eighth', you would say八番 (hachiban).

What number in Japanese is Nana?

It's an alternate way to say the number seven (7), which is officially shichi.

How do you say number 16 in Japanese?

"Jyu-Roku" Literally Ten Six

Is the Sanwa Bank Japanese?

The Sanwa Bank is based in Japan

Is the Fuji Bank Japanese?

The Fuji Bank is based in Japan

How to say Primary account number in German?

The term "Primary account number" is a term that is not used in German.A bank account number is "Bankkontonummer"A check account number is "Girokontonummer"A bank identification number is "Bankleitzahl"

What is Japanese for the number forty?

Forty in Japanese would be yon-jyuu. (Japanese say the amount of tens there are, so 80 would be hachi-jyuu (eight tens)

How do you answer the phone in Japanese?

You say: denwa bangou for phone number denwa bangou WA for what is your phone number?

What is the Japanese word for bank?


How do you say 60.000.000 in Japanese?

The number 60,000,000 is 六千万 (rokusenman) in Japanese. This number is more commonly written using Arabic numerals (60,000,000), but is still pronounced as "rokusenman".