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How do you say bon voyage in hawaiian?


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there isn't a way to say it in Hawaiian. i researched on the Hawaiian dictionary.

<P>Going or coming, the salutation is the same. You say "Aloha".

<P>Because the Hawaiian language includes gestures and tone of voice in addition to words, many Hawaiian words mean different things, depending on the gestures used and the tone of voice.

<P>Aloha comes from two smaller words. "Alo" means outward appearance, or shell.

<P>"Ha" means Breath.

<P>In This context, the two words together create a gestalt meaning "I recognize the same Breath (Spirit) in you that is in me. We are One."

<P>The face is broadly smiling when the one addressed is coming, with the arms outstretched in welcome. If the one addressed is leaving, the face is sad, with arms held available for hugging, if the departer should wish it.</P>