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Can I like your bird = Kann ich deinen Vogel mögen

I like your bird = Ich mag deinen Vogel

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Q: How do you say can i like your bird in German?
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to say Rosie in German you say Rosie :) i like pie

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I like you is ich mag dich in German.

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We say it like u do, it's English in German too.

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well in Germany you say usually like normalerweise in German

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say I like cheese

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Depending on context, swallow can be translated as:Verb to swallow (something)schluckenhinunterschluckenNounSchluckSchwalbe (bird)

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Oiseau=====French Vogel=======Dutch Vogel=====German Aves=======Spanish

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Sounds like a German name.In German in would be pronounced like VA-guhn-ZELL-ah.

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der riesige Kranich (bird) der riesige Kran (lifting equipment)

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I dont think you can fly to the moon on fly like a bird 3 but people say you can on fly like a bird 2.

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