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Bis is to cheer in spanish or venga also means to cheer these are the ways to cheer or encore in spanish and not the way to say cheer meaning cheer up

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Q: How do you say cheer in spanish?
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How do you say lets all cheer in spanish?

All cheer - todos animan

How do you say cheer up in spanish?

If you'd like to tell someone to cheer up in Spanish you would say alegrarse. This is a very nice way to brighten someone's day.

When people cheer and say salud what does it mean?

"Salud" means "health" in Spanish and is the traditional word for a toast.

How do you translate Cheer on the Cardinals in Spanish?

The word "Cheer on the Cardinals" in Spanish is Animar a los Cardenales hope that helped!

What is a Spanish bull fighting cheer?

A Spanish bullfight cheer is ole. This means "bravo" and is a cry of approval shouted by the spectators during bullfights.

How do you cheer up the gifting tree on Free Realms?

Say /cheer then say something else

How do you say i have cheer?

Tengo alegría

What is cheers in Spanish?

Cheers as in cheer-leading = porras. As in a toast = Salud.

Christina rai bromley is a cheer leader?

Dear,me i say can be a cheer leader for lavergne hs.

How do you say cheer leading in Cherokee?


How do you say cheer leading in french?


How do you say cheer up honey in French?

you say it like bon swea