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Q: How do you say cool in a different way?
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What is a cool way to answer people?

a cool way to answer peoples is to yell "TWILIGHT" and to say bye you say mooface. did you that a moo is cooler than a cow?

What is another way to say cool?


What is a cool way to say hello?

Hiya buddy! :)

How do you say in Spanish cool?

This is jargon in English, and the answer varies depending on location. One common way to say "That's cool" or "How Cool!" is Que Guay In Spain, another way to say that something is really cool, you can say "____ es la leche." You can, of course, change that depending on the subject (by conjugating ser differently)

Another way to say someone's cool?

Other ways to say someone is cool is just saying that they are awesome.Or if you are from newfoundland you could say that there sick :)

How cool are marnos shoes?

They are WAY cool. Some would say nearly as cool as his dearest friend, Rachel (H).

Why does the word pizza sound so cool?

cause the way you say it

We say What's Up because it is catchy and cool?

We say "What's Up," because it's catchy and cool. And because we couldn't think of a different greeting!

How you say to the girl that you like her in cool way?

Just be honest and tell her how you feel :) you don't have to sound cool , trust me :)

What is a different way to say hi in a cool way?

I always find that the best way to say hi to someone you don't know is to go up to them and snog them! yay

How do you say cool in Spanish not relating to weather?

There are various local alternatives, depending on the region you happen to be in. One common way to say "cool" would be "genial".

Are ambidextrous people cool?

No, they're just different in a good way.