How do you say do you like French wine in French?

vous aimez le vin français?

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The above may also be worded in other ways:

1) Aimez-vous le vin français? - Literally: Like you French wine?

2) Est-ce que vous aimez le vin français? - Literally: Is it that you like French wine?

Furthermore, the pronoun vous is used to address either (a) a person with whom one is obliged to be formal (e.g. an elder, an employee in a store or restaurant, etc.) or (b) a group of people. If the latter, plural sense is desired, the conjugation *aimez need not be changed.

If, however, one is speaking to someone who is familiar or needs no formal treatment, such as a friend, peer, child, or pet, the pronoun tu is used along with the conjugation aimes:

1) Tu aimes le vin français?

2) Aimes-tu le vin français?

3) Est-ce que tu aimes le vin français?

*Note: The infinitive form of "to like" in French is aimer.

>Updated 12/18/10.