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Non sparare (2nd sing)

Non sparate (2nd plur.)

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no disparar :)

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no tirar cosas.

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Q: How do you say don't shoot in spanish?
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How do you say to shoot in spanish?

You could say "disparar".

How do you say no i dont in spanish?

The best way to say "No I don't" in Spanish is to say No, no me.

How do you say dont in spanish?


How do you say you are not Spanish In Spanish?

[Tu] no eres español. In the spanish language, you dont tend to say the ' tu'

How do you say i dont have in spanish?

no tengo.

How do you play paintball?

Shoot at people till you hit them... then their out... if your with in ten feet dont shoot say surrender your out!

Of all the large game animals in Europe which would you say is ace of spades to shoot?

dont shoot them you meannies

How do you say Chevon in spanish?

Chevon Names dont change in spanish!

How do you say 'he says' in Spanish?

i dont now so dont ask

How do you say i dont get it in spanish?

no lo entiendo

How do you say video shoot in spanish?

videograbación cámara de vídeo / video

How do you say i just dont in Spanish?

Pues yo no...