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Need context for correct answer.

No monte

No viaje

No conduzca

No vereja

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Q: How do you say dont ride in spanish?
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Bus ride in spanish?

How you say "Bus ride" in Spanish is "El viaje en autobús".

How do you say no i dont in spanish?

The best way to say "No I don't" in Spanish is to say No, no me.

How do you say dont in spanish?


How do you say ride a horse in spanish?

Montar a caballo.

How do you say i dont have in spanish?

no tengo.

How do you say you are not Spanish In Spanish?

[Tu] no eres español. In the spanish language, you dont tend to say the ' tu'

On harvestmoon magical melody how do you ride the dolphin?

you have to feed it fish like everyday and when it has i would say like 3 hearts on you then it will say ride or dont ride

How do you say 'I'm going to ride it hard' in Spanish?

You can say "Voy a montarlo duro."

How do you say I'm exicted to ride on your bike in Spanish?

Estoy muy emocionado de montar en la bicicleta would be the best way to say "I am excited to ride on your bike" in Spanish.

How do you say Chevon in spanish?

Chevon Names dont change in spanish!

How do you say ride the donkey in spanish?

Viaja en el burro

How do you say 'he says' in Spanish?

i dont now so dont ask