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to drink = shatah (שתה)

The present tense form depends on the subject of the sentence, so you would have to be more specific. For example:

I am drinking = ani shoteh (אני שותה)

She is drinking = hee shotah (היא שותה)

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Q: How do you say drink in Hebrew?
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How do you say to drink in Hebrew?

shah-TAH (שתה)

How do you say have a drink in Hebrew?

to a male: shteh (שתה) to a female: shti (שתי) to a group: shtu (שתו) The above commands are "drink". If you want to say "Have a drink" in the colloquial sense of asking someone to go to a restaurant with you, i.e. "Let's have a drink", you might say "Bo nikakh beera" (בוא נקח בירה) which means "Let's take a beer".

How do you say hand in Hebrew?

You say 'Yalda' in Hebrew

How do you say 'drink water' in different languages?

Hebrew = lishtot mayim (לשתות מים) Polish = Pij wode Spanish = tomar agua

What is the Hebrew word for drink?

"Mashkeh" - משקה.

How do you say has in Hebrew?

Has in Hebrew is: YESH

How do you say ceiling in Hebrew?

"Tikra" (תקרה) is how you say ceiling in Hebrew.

What does Inawah say in Hebrew?

Inawah has no meaning in Hebrew

How do you say mustache in Hebrew?

Mustache is 'Safam' in Hebrew

How do you say network in Hebrew?

Network in Hebrew is 'Reshet'

How do you say apartment in Hebrew?

that is apartment in Hebrew דירה

How do you say Partner in Hebrew?

Shu'taf is partner in Hebrew