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Talla pequeña

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Q: How do you say extra small in clothes in Spanish?
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How to say small in spanish?

The Mexico spanish version would be... pequeño

How do you say extra work in spanish?

Trabajo extra

How do you say ''clothes'' in Spanish?

Clothes (Clothings) in Spanish is "ropa"

How do you say 'Do you want clothes' in Spanish?

¿Quieres la ropa?

How do you say all of the clothes in spanish?

toda la ropa

How do you say a big clothes cupboard in spanish?

Un armario grande

How do you say' clothes too tight in spanish?

vestido demasiado ajustado

How do you say you are small in spanish?

You can say "Eres pequeño/pequeña".

How do you say she is small in spanish?

es pequeña

How do you say a tiller in spanish?

A small tiller

How do you say free clothes in spanish?

If you mean how to say clothes in Spanish: Clothes: ropa Skirt: falda Dress: vestido Shirt: camiseta Pants: pantalones Underwear: calzones Hat: sombrero Belt: cinturon Shoes: zapatos Tie: Corbata Socks: calcetines Gloves: guantes

How do you say I prefer colorful clothes in Spanish?

Yo prefiero la ropa colorida.