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Translation: La palabra miedo no está en mi diccionario

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Q: How do you say fear isn't a word in my dictionary in spanish?
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What is the Spanish word for dictionary?

dictionary = diccionario

What is the Spanish word for fear?

fear = miedo

What is another word for the color teal in spanish?

there isnt one

Is nini a word in Spanish?

Nini isnt, but nina is. Nina means 'girl' in spanish

What is the meaning of fright in the Oxford Dictionary?

According to the Oxford Standard Dictionary the word fright means "a sudden intense feeling of fear". The word fright is a noun which also means fear.

What is the Spanish word for away?

RDK - Ausente is spanish for away.Reference from Langenscheidt's Standard Spanish Dictionary

Where can one get information on tal vez?

You cannot get information on a word that means perhaps. If you want to know the meaning of the word a dictionary is a great place to look. If you are looking for what the word means in Spanish try a Spanish translator or Spanish dictionary.

What is ncoridcoiia unscrambled in Spanish?

The anagram is diccionario, which means dictionary.

What does the word timorous mean?

timid, showing fear or hesitancyNote: If you don't have access to a dictionary, has an online dictionary that is great.

What does Akkor mi mean?

akkor isnt a word in either spanish nor english and mi is my

Is hippopotumosmonstrousquipaphobia a word?

Yes, hippopotumosmonstrousquipaphobia is a real word. According to the dictionary, hippopotumosmonstrousquipaphobia is a noun and means the fear of long words.

What is the meaning of the spanish word 'susto'?

The meaning of the Spanish word Susto is a Spanish word that means intense fear or fright. It is used for various Spanish situations when the protagonist is very scared.