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"Freedom" translates as "Freiheit".

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Q: How do you say freedom in German?
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How do you say the freedom in German?

the freedom = die Freiheit

Who do you say freedom and beauty in german?

Freedom: Freiheit. Beauty: Schönheit.

How do you say Freedom at last in German?

Freedom means "Freiheit" in German! So "Freedom at last", as an exclamation could be translated with: "Endlich frei!"

How do you say like freedom in German?

Freiheit is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

How do you say work brings freedom in German?

Arbeit macht frei

How do you say freiheit in English?

Freiheit is German already, and means 'liberty' in English.

How do you say on the other side is Freedom in German?

"Auf der anderen Seite ist die Freiheit"

When was German Völkisch Freedom Party created?

German Völkisch Freedom Party was created in 1922.

When did German Völkisch Freedom Party end?

German Völkisch Freedom Party ended in 1924.

What is the meaning of freiheit?

"Freiheit" is German for "freedom."

Is Freedom Call a Christian band?

Freedom Call is a German power metal band.

What things do Americans do not have the freedom to say?

what things do Americans do not have the freedom to say