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khas vekhalilah (חס וחלילה)

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Q: How do you say god forbid in Hebrew?
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How do you say the word 'Forbid' in Hebrew?

To forbid = asar (אסר)

What is the Hebrew word for forbid?

forbid (verb) = asar (אסר)

When was God Forbid created?

God Forbid was created in 1996.

Is God Forbid a christian band?

Tough there are Christian members in the band, God Forbid is not a Christian based band. The band is not satanic, but is not of the Lord. God Forbid should be avoided if you are a follower of Jesus Christ. Other bands to ignore are: Megadeath God Forbid Lamb of God Slayer

Did god forbid bisexual actions?

Yes, the fairytale himself (God) did say that he forbid people that had sex with different genders. He rather preferred that people should have sex with the opposite gender, instead of being gay.

How do you say god breathes in Hebrew?

Elohim noshem

How do you say God's miracle in hebrew?

nes hashem (נס ה׳)

How do you say God's chosen in Hebrew?

ha'am hanivchar (העם הנבחור)

How do you say Where is god in Hebrew?

eifo hashem? (?איפה ה׳)

How many commandments forbid the worship of god?

The first commandment requires the worship of God, none forbid it.

How do you say your god your god in Hebrew?

your god your god = elohecha elohecha (אלוקך אלוקך)

What is the Hebrew word for God be glorified?

Hebrew doesn't have a subjunctive mood, but instead you could say "God is glorified," which is Hashem nehedar (ה׳ נהדר)