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How do you say going out in french?

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Ca man ca vas - That's how you say (How is it going) in french.

we are going is spelled "nous allons" in French

to go out is "sortir" in French. "out going" is translated by "sortant / sortante".

To say "I am going to Turkey", say je vais en Turquie.

je vais ... (+ what you are going to do)

Are you going to sleep is est-ce que tu vas dormir ? in French.

I am going to church is 'je vais à l'église' in French.

Je vais danser = I am going to dance

'I must be going' is translated in French "je dois m'en aller" or "je dois partir"

How is work going? - Comment le travail vatil ?

she is going on a trip = elle part en voyage

Same as in English, especially if you are going there.

English to French translation: Nous n'allons pas a candyland

This how you say 'will it hurt' in French. va ça faire mal?

Ils vont à la piscine. They are going to the pool.

I'm going to have = Je vais avoir.

I am not going to see my Grandma is "je ne verrai pas ma grand-mère" in French.

"Aller prendre un café", litterally going to take a coffee.

hi how's it going = salut, comment ça va?

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