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I would say "Hyvä poika!"

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Q: How do you say good boy in finnish?
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How do you say good in Finnish?


How do you say good afternoon in Finnish?

Good afternoon is hyvää iltapäivää in Finnish, however it isn't used very much. People usually say good day instead, which is hyvää päivää in Finnish.

How do you say not good in finnish?

'Ei hyvä'

How do you say have a good holiday in Finnish?

'Hyvää lomaa!'

How do you say good evening in Finnish?

"Hyvää iltaa!"

What is boy in Finnish?

Boy is 'poika'

How do you say very good in Finnish?

"Olen hyvä." (Means I am good at something, or good in general.)If this was meant as a response to the question "How are you?" ("Miten menee" in Finnish), then the answer would be "Hyvin".

How do you say for you in Finnish?

For you is sinulle in Finnish.

How do you say how in Finnish?

How is miten in Finnish.

How do you say good answer in Finnish?

Hyvä vastausAnd if you want to say something like:This is a good answer - you'd say:Tämä on hyvä vastaus

How do you say I am not Finnish in Finnish?

I am not Finnish. - (Minä) en ole suomalainen.

How do you say good night in Finnish?

Goodnight is "hyvää yötä"