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Thank you (Fa'afetai lava); How are you? (O a mai oe?); Good afternoon (Manuia le auli); Good morning (Manuia le taeao).

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god morgon och Gud välsigne dig Samoa

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Q: How do you say good morning and God bless you Samoa in Samoan?
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How do you say 'good morning' in Samoan?

The Samoan word for Good Morning is Talofa Lava. Talofa also means Hello.There's no exact way to say good morning, I dont think. You'd just say "Talofa" or, as most Samoans say "Morning!" :-)

How do you say 'good morning' in Samoa?

Manuia le taeao.

How do you say In a Relationship in Samoan?

o le va; fa'afeagaiga

What is the Samoan translation for the English phrase good morning your friend?

"Manuia le taeao, la'u uo" (Good morning, my friend) or "Taeao lelei, la'u uo" (Good morning, my friend).

How do you say good morning and God bless you in Spanish?

Buenos dias = Good morning God bless you= Dios te bendiga or Dios le bendiga

How do you say goodmorning and goodnight in Samoan?

Good morning - Manuia le taeao Good night - Manuia le po

How was Samoa acquired?

It was acquired by the U.S. because in World War 2, they found, and used Samoa as a place to store weapons, and keep some of their wounded. They also put bunkers around Samoa (I'm samoan and I've seen them) to keep out any of the Japanese that may have came and took it over, but the good news was that Japan never did find Samoa.

What is the Samoan translation for the phrase 'good morning my lover'?

"Manuia le taeao, la'u pele." As there is no word for lover in Samoan, I have translated the idea by using the word "pele" (dear, dearie), as it is an endearment.

How do you say good night in Samoa?

good night in samoa

Are Samoan people good?

Samoan people are good. All races have good and bad people.

How people of Samoa manage ill health?

By going to the doctors and hospital, and using Samoan medicines, massages, etc. Samoans nowadays are looking after their diets, and exercising regularly, to keep themselves in good health.

Is the Samoan rugby team good at rugby?

Yes, full-Samoan or part-Samoan.