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naten e mere zemer means goodnight my heart which is like the same thing.

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love in albanian: dashuri

You would say, "Good night,I love you".

a cute way to say goodnight to your boyfriend is send him a text saying goodnight and tell him how much you love him and why you love him i do it to my boyfriend and it works out all of the time

Goodnight friend. goodnight babe. goodnight love. goodnight beautiful. sleep tight my dear. things along those lines?

I love you (Ou te alofa ia te oe); goodnight (Manuia le po).

You can say "buenas noches y te quiero".

To say goodnight. and say they love the person

Goodnight, My Love = Godnatt, min Kära. (: If you want to know anything else in Swedish - E-mail me - (:

a po dua en mua Të Dua

hug her, say good night and tell her you love her and see her tomorrow

Buena noche, mi amor.......translates to good night, my love

Good night my love (English) = Priye ninak shubharathri (Malayalam)

Bonne nuit, chéri(e)/ mon amour.

Well I'm albanian but i would say its bes if you go on Google translate( i really am albanian)

In albanian goodbye is : MIREUPAFSHIM .

In Albanian the word numeracy is numerike.

"Urare zvakanaka" is how you say goodnight in shona.

it's the same. Goodnight.

Spokoinoi nochi moya lyubov' Спокойной ночи моя любовь

"Urare zvakanaka" is how you say goodnight in shona.

shadow in albanian = hije

If you are saying goodnight to somone you like,say : Have a goodnight babes;) then give her a big hug and kiss ;o

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