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Grado 3, seccion A, pulilas espanolas.

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Q: How do you say grade 3 section A pupils spanish?
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How do you say Welcome to grade six pupils in Hawaii?

You just say "Aloha"

How do you say section in spanish?


How do you say 5 grade in spanish?

You could say "el quinto grado".

How do you say 'what grade' in Spanish?

It depends on what you mean by "grade" If you are referring to quality, such as "what grade is this cut of meat?" or "I don't care what grade you buy as long as it does the job." The Spanish for "what grade" is "Qué grado?" If you are referring to an academic grade describing how many points you have on an exam or similar, the Spanish for "what grade" would be "Cuál nota?"

How do you say you are in grade three in spanish?

Estoy en el tercero grado (I am in the 3rd grade)

How do you say grade four in Spanish?

el cuarto grado

How do you say current section in spanish?

La sección actual

How do you say she was in the 6 grade in spanish?

You can say "Ella era en el sexto grado."

How do you say you are angry when you get a bad grade in spanish?

estoy enfadado/enfadada (girl)

How do you say I am in the grade 5 in Spanish?

estoy en el grado 5

Is saying 'me and the pupils' correct grammar?

no it would be "The pupils and I" - Complete answer: Yes and no, it depends on whether it is the subject of the verb or not. We say The teacher watched me and the pupils at the same time. But we say The pupils and I want to go outside.

How do you say year 3 in spanish?

third grade... tercero third year... tercer ano