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How do you say grandma and grandpa in Russian?


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Grandma = бабушка (babushka)

Grandpa = дедушка (djedushka)


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Babushka. Babushka is the Russian pronunciation for "Grandma" Deduska is for Grandpa...

Grandpa - grandpere Grandma - grandmere

I don't believe the order is relevant; however, I personally say "Grandma and Grandpa."

Grandpa - "Dziadek"; Grandma - "Babcia".

Grandma- Grandmére Grandpa-Grandpére

grandma is mamó (or móraí)grandpa is daideo

This is how you say grandma in Ukraine bubba that's how you pronounce it and grandpa is gedo

grandma: grootmoeder/oma grandpa: grootvader/opa

baa is grandma and dada is grandpa hope that helps!

Grandma= Halmoni (hal-muh-nee) Grandpa= Halapoji (hal-ah-puh-jee)

grandma = abuela grandpa = abuelo

Aloha: Tutu or Kuku. Both can be used for either, but Tutu is more used for grandma and Kuku for grandpa. Kuku Kane [ka-nay] can be used for Grandpa and Kukuwahinee [vaheenay] for Grandma.

mi abuela, y mi abuelo tambien, son = my grandma, and my grandpa too, are

In Russian it is spelled out as"Дедушка"which is pronounced as"Dedushka"

Grandpa = סבא (saba) Grandma = סבתא (savta)

Mainly Grandad for Grandpa. Grandma is normally Granny or Gran.

Grandpa: Tío Grandma: Tía ------------- Actually, Tio and Tia, as original answer-er stated are uncle and aunt. Abuelo is grandpa and abuela is grandma.

I want to purchase the pearls of wisdom necklace but on the card with it is from grandma. I want it to say grandpa. Please tell me if that is possible ?

A grandma is a Bubbe. A grandpa is a Zaide.

No. Grandpa refers to the male parent of your parent and grandma refers to the female parent

grand-mère -grandmother grand-père - grandfather

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