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how do you say greatgrabdmother in spanish

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for grandmother in spanish you say "abuela", the diminutive form is "abuelita", wich is very common, greatgrandmother is tatarabuela. Now for grandfather in spanish you say "abuelo" or "abuelito", and great granfather is "tatarabuelo".

If your greatgrandmother is his great aunt then you and he are second cousins, once removed to each other. Your parent is his second cousin.

Bisnonna is an Italian equivalent of the English word "Greatgrandmother." The feminine singular noun may be preceded by the feminine singular definite article la ("the") or indefinite una ("a, an"). The pronunciation will be "bee-SNON-na" in Italian.

Elter-bobbe (עלטער־באבע)

pootan but im not too sure about spellings.

How do you say ophra in spanish? That is how you say "ophra" in spanish.

if you want to say not in spanish you would say no.

This is how you say chest in spanish By: Alissa This is how you say chest in spanish By: Alissa

To say, "I don't speak Spanish" in Spanish, you would say "No hablo español."

How to say "hi" in spanish is Hola. How to say "bye" in spanish is Adios.

To say "STOP" in Spanish is; parada To say "GO" in Spanish is ; ir

To say heart in spanish, say: corazón

To say North in Spanish, you say Norte.

how do you say sister in spanish

In Spanish, it’s "Yo hablo español". In English, it’s "I speak Spanish".

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In Spanish you say it 'comunicación'

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In spanish you say juegos

you say it in spanish as- sarina

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