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Disco duro.

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Q: How do you say hard drive in spanish?
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What is spanish for drive?

manejar means to drive. if you want to say "i drive" you say "manejo"

How do you say to drive in spanish?

Manejar, conducir.

How do you say Drive in spanish?

manejar conducir

How do you say 'you drive me nuts' in Spanish?

You would say "tú me vuelves loco/a".

How do you say its hard to speak Spanish in Spanish'?

'' es dificil hablar español "

How do you say still hard in spanish?

todavia duro

How do you say they are hard working in Spanish?

Son trabajadores

How do you say I go hard in Spanish?

voy duro

How do you say very hard in spanish?

muy duro

How do you say play hard in Spanish?

Juega duro.

How do say 'are you hard working' in Spanish?

¿Trabajas duro?

How do you say hard time in spanish?

tiempo dificil