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Tiene una risa escalofriante

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Q: How do you say has a creepy laugh in Spanish?
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How do you say Do not laugh in Spanish?

no ríes.

How do you say to laugh in spanish?


How do you say you made me laugh in spanish?

You say, "Me hiciste reír." Lit.: "Me you made to laugh."

How do I say in spanish I need to laugh?

Tengo que reír

How do you say it only hurts when I laugh in Spanish?

Solo me duele cuando reír.

How do you say hot mamma in spanish?

Gee, I just had to laugh a little at this one. :) The Spanish word for that is 'Mamá caliente'.

How do you use humorless in a sentence?

The creepy stranger gave a humorless laugh.

How do you say live laugh love my friend in Spanish?

You can say "Vivir, reír, amar, mi amigo"

Who do I say it is my job to make you laugh in spanish?

Mi trabajo es hacerte reír.

How do you say laugh out loud in spanish?

reir a carcajadas

What is the spanish word for laugh?

to laugh = reír

how do you say creepy in Australian?

That's creepy mate