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Magandang araw.

You can also say:

Good morning - Magandang umaga.

Good afternoon - Magandang hapon.

Good evening - Magandang gabi.

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Q: How do you say have a nice day in filipino languages?
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How do you say you are a nice person in Filipino?

'You are a nice person' in Filipino: Mabuting tao ka.

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Have a nice day = * In Portuguese = Tenha um bom dia. * In spanish = you say "que tenga / tengan / tengas / tengáis un buen día".

How do you say pretty face in different languages?

In Filipino, "maganda"

How do you say have a nice sleep in Filipino?

Matulog kang mabuti.

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im a filipino so it means in our language BAHO (BA-HO)

What is Krakatoa in tagalog?

Just say Krakatoa. If a Filipino can think of an easier way to say a word they will, and that includes using other languages.

How do you say 'very nice' in the languages of Switzerland?

"Very nice" in the four languages of Switzerland:French = très agréableGerman = sehr schönItalian = molto bellaRomansch = fitg bel

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Say Something Nice Day in 2011, in June 1st.