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¿Dé qué nacionalidad es (él)?

The?él is optional; if you use it than the sentence emphasizes that is is?his nationality, but it is unnecessary.?
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Argentinian = argentino/Argentina

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"Él es argentino."

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Q: How do you say he is argentinian in spanish?
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How do you say happy new year in Argentinian?

There is no 'Argentinian' language - they speak Spanish. "Feliz año nuevo" is how it would be said in Spanish.

How do you say 'more argentinian facts' in spanish?

hechos más argentino

What is Spanish for argentinian?


How do you Say sincerely in argentinian?

'Argentinian' is not a language. In Argentina, they speak Spanish. Sincerely = S I N C E R A M E N T E

How do you say im Argentinian?

soy Argentinian.

How do you say hello in argeentinian?

In Argentina, "hello" is typically translated as "hola."

What is the 'gentilicio' of Argentina?

Argentino in Spanish Argentinian in English

What languages does Lionel messi speak?

Argentinian, English, Spanish and Russian.

How do you say you are a good friend for many years in Spanish?

Tu seras mi amigo por muchos años :) I'm argentinian lol Muchos besos, The spanish is very easy

What does tengo ganos de vos mean?

It is Argentinian Spanish for: "I have desires for you"

What Common Argentinian last names?

Some common Argentinian last names include González, Rodríguez, Fernández, García, and López. These surnames are of Spanish origin, reflecting the strong influence of Spanish colonization in Argentina.

How do you say good bye in Argentina?

The argentinian official language is spanish. so good luck = Buena suerte