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"Hello" is typically "sha-LOME". How are you is often "MAH shlome-CHAH", meaning literally "what's your peace ?" Note: Wherever there's a "you" in a phrase, you have to be aware of gender in your grammar. If you're greeting a female, you'd ask "MAH shlo-MECH".

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Shalōm, ma shlōmkha (שלום, מה שלומך)

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Q: How do you say hello how are you in Hebrew woman to man?
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How do you say hello beautiful in Hebrew?

talking to a man = shalom, yafeh (שלום יפה)talking to a woman = Shalom, yafah (שלום, יפה)

How does a woman say hello to a man in igbo?

A woman can say "Kedu" to a man in Igbo, which translates to "Hello" in English.

How do you say 'You are the light' in Hebrew?

to a man: atah ha-or. to a woman: at ha-or.

How do you say 'you are my world' in Hebrew?

to a man: ata olami to a woman: at olami

How do you say beautiful in Hebrew?

yafeh is 'beautiful' for a woman, 'handsome' for a man

How do you say Hello in K'iche'?

Sakaric, tat (to a man); Sakaric, nan (to a woman)

How do you say i am reading in Hebrew?

a man says: ani koreh a woman says: ani koret

Can you Translate hello in Thai?

if you are man or boy say "Sawasdee Krub" if you are woman or girl say "Sawasdee Ka"

How do you say my love in Hebrew?

to a man: אהובי (ahoovee) to a woman: אהובתי (ahoovatee)

How do you say strengthen yourself in Hebrew?

To a woman: titkhazki. To a man: titkhazek. To a group: titkhazku.

How would you say hello in Hebrew?

, goodbye and peace in Hebrew is "Shalom" (שלום).

How do yo say yes you can in Hebrew?

ken, atah yachol (to a man) ken, at yechola (to a woman)