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Shalom, kor'eem li Sami (שלום, קוראים לי סמי)

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Q: How do you say hello my name is sami in Hebrew?
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How do you say hello in ter sami?

To say hello in Ter sami, the language spoken in Norway and Sweden is "Heior Buorre beaivvi". The phrase can also be followed with "good morning" which is spelled like "buorre idit".

How do you say yes in sami?

How do I say hello/hi in Sami: Heior Buorre beaivviHow do I say Good morning in Sami: Buorre iditHow do I say Good evening in Sami: Buorre eahketHow do I say Good night in Sami: Buorre idjaHow do I say how are you in Sami: Mii gul'lo?How do I say Very well thank you. in Sami: Buorre, giittus eatnat.How do I say Goodbye in Sami: OaidnaleapmáiHow do I say thank you in Sami: Giittus eatnatHow do I say I don't understand in Sami: Mun in áddeHow do I say I don't know in Sami: In diedeHow do I say yes in Sami: jooHow do I say no in Sami: iiHow do I say excuse me/sorry in Sami: ÁndagassiiHow do I say That doesn't matter/No problems in Sami: Ii das mihkkege

How would you say hello in Hebrew?

, goodbye and peace in Hebrew is "Shalom" (שלום).

How do you say hello my name is Bradley in Hebrew?

"Shalom, korim li Bradley" (שלום, קוראים לי ברדלי).

How do you say hello lady in Hebrew?

shalom eesha

How do you say 'peace' in Hebrew?

Shalom is the word for Peace in Hebrew as well as Hello and Goodbye

How do say say hello to your mother-in-law in Hebrew?

shalom (שולם)

How do you say hello my name is Tiffany .. how is your day?

You can say, "Hello, my name is Tiffany. How is your day?"

How do you say hello my name is Julie in Hebrew?

Shalom, shmee Julie (שלום, שמי ג׳ולי)

How do you say hello my name is?

, my name is...

How do you say 'Hello' in Hebrew?

"Hello" is "Shalom." To say "What's up?" you can say "Ma koreh?"Sometimes, in an informal greeting, the Arabic word "Ahlan" is used.

What is the Hebrew word for hello darling?

There is no single Hebrew word that means "Hello darling", but you can say it in two words: shalom, motek (שלום, מותק)