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Hot date - fecha caliente

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Q: How do you say hot date in spanish?
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Why do the Spanish and English give different dates about the Spanish armada invasion?

The English say the date that they left but the Spanish say the date of the first attack.

How do you say hot one in spanish?

"gato caliente" means Hot cat in "spanish"

Say hot in spanish?

calor [ka'loɾ]

How do you say i am hot in Spanish?

"Tengo calor"

How do you say Francisco is hot in Spanish?


How do you say if it is hot in spanish?

Hace calor

How do you say you sounded really hot in Spanish?

Well, it's not exact but to say You're hot in Spanish it is "as tu es caliente" I hope that helps...

How do you say good and hot in Spanish?

You can say "Bueno y caliente".

How you say that's soo hot in spanish?

Specify more what you mean by 'hot'

How do you say Do you want a hot dog in spanish?

Quieres un hot dog?

Is it hot there how to say in spanish?

¿Hace calor alla? (is it making hot over there)

How do you say hot water with lemon in spanish?

The way that a person would say caution hot water in Spanish is precaucion agua caliente. The way that a person would say caution hot liquid in Spanish is advertir liquido caliente.