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mi marido ha muerto for my husband is dead

su marido está muerto for her husband is dead

el for the

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marido es muy guapo

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Q: How do you say husband is very hot in spanish?
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How do you say vary hot in Mexican?

In Spanish, "Muy caliente" means "very hot"

How do you say in spanish very hot work?

El trabajo muy caliente.

How do you say it's going to be very hot in spanish?

Va a hacer mucho calor.

How do you spell husband in spanish?

There are two common ways to say husband in spanish, either esposo or marido.

How do you say husband?

in spanish you say husband "marido" in french you say husband "mari" and in German you say "ehemann" if i didnt translate to one of the languages you wanted go to

How do you say poor husband in Spanish?

Pobre marido.

How do you say bad husband in spanish?

mal marido

How do you say hot one in spanish?

"gato caliente" means Hot cat in "spanish"

Where is your husband to say in spanish?

¿Dónde está su marido?

How do you say where is your husband in Spanish?

¿Dónde está tu esposo?

How do you say are you the husband in spanish?

¿Eres el esposo?

How do you say hot date in spanish?

Hot date - fecha caliente