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Soy coreano, a

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Q: How do you say i am Korean in spanish?
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How do you say Korean in spanish?

coreano coreana coreanos coreanas

How do you say chair in another language?

in french, it is la chaise spanish silla korean euja

Is Korean speak spanish?

No It Is Not Korean is one of the couple sybol languages and Spanish is a language of the Latin Form

Is Korean a spanish speaking country?

No it is not. Korea has Korean people and most people there know only Korean (unless they are learning spanish or other languages at school) .

How do you say hat in other languages?

Spanish: sombrero French: chapeau German: Hut Italian: cappello

How do you say Diana in Korean?

How to say diana in korean

How do you spell or say Brayden in Korean?

how do you say Braidyn in korean

How do you say will in Korean?

Will is 미래 in Korean.

Who is Mr Tyfoon from the Korean group Clover and how does he know Spanish?

Mr. Tyfoon is a Korean rapper and he knows Spanish because he's mixed.

How do you say chicken in Korean?

you say chicken in Korean like dalk (닭)

How do you say jump in Korean?

Jump in Korean is E-Dan.To say it, just say Eee-Dawn.

How Do You Say Bubbles In Korean?

To say 'bubbles' in Korean, you just say bubbles, but say it so it sounds like 'Booblies'.