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No te quiero, hermano mayor

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Q: How do you say i don't love you big brother in spanish?
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How do you say 'I love you big brother' in Spanish?

"Te amo, hermano mayor."

Does your friend's big brother like you back?

I dont like my friends big brother...

How do you translate big in the sense of a fraternity brother into spanish?

Mayor. "Hermano Mayor" can mean "big brother", "bigger brother" or "older brother."

How do you be a good big brother?

Dont be selfish

What is Dylan and Cole Sprouse big brother's name?

they dont have a big brother. It's just a friend! ;)

How do you say big brother or sister in spanish?

Hermano/a mayor

How do you say i am a big brother in spanish?

Soy un hermano mayor

How do you say welcome big brother in spanish?

Bienvenido, hermanote / carnalote

What are the release dates for The Big Valley - 1965 Brother Love 2-23?

The Big Valley - 1965 Brother Love 2-23 was released on: USA: 20 February 1967

What does Je t'aime grand frère mean?

I love [you] big brother.

How do you say my name is big brother of in Spanish?

Mi nombre es Hermano Mayor.

How do you say I love my big brother in Spanish?

él es tu hermano