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"Me gusta (alguien = 'somebody') (or the person's name)"

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Q: How do you say i like somebody in spanish?
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What do you say to somebody when they say you have a big head?

englesh to spanish

How do you say 'somebody' in Spanish?

alguien (pronounced ALG-yen)

How do you say Somebody lied in spanish?

el or eya mento

How do you say i love somebody in spanish?

Te amo alguien.

How do you say somebody in spanish?

"Somebody" in Spanish is "alguien". It is pronounced "ahl-ghee-EHN". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

How do yu say hello in spanish?

When you meet somebody: !hola! When you say goodbye: !adios!

How do you say is there somebody that you still like in spanish?

Hay alguien que te gusta? or Hay alguien que te sigue gustando?

How do you say i love somebody else in spanish?

Yo amo a otra persona

When do you say feliz cumpleanosto a spanish person?

"FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS" (correct SPELLING); is an expression in Spanish said to somebody on their birthday.

What does girar mean in spanish and how do you say it?

"girar" mean to turn or rotate somthing or somebody.

How do you say I like in spanish?

"Me gustas." - Platonic"Te quiero." - Something a little gustas is how you say I like you in Spanish Language.

How do I say If I were in Spanish?

"Si yo estuviera" (as in if I "were" in a place) "Si yo fuera" (as in if I were somebody/someone)